Course Content

“Knitting”, by Lois Keller

These classes are designed to provide evidence-based information, support, and resources for pregnant women and their families as they prepare for childbirth. By exploring your options, you’ll find that learning is one of the best ways to prepare for a satisfying birth experience. What to bring?? …wear comfortable clothing for exercises & relaxation practice, bring a second layer to put on in case the classroom is cool, and feel free to bring any drinks and snacks to keep you going during class, water will be provided. I hope you’ll join us!

Class 1 – Getting to Know Your Birth
The first of our five-week series discusses “building blocks” that are foundational to supporting pregnancy and preparing for labor. We’ll begin with gestation to understand anatomy & physiology, realizing how a woman’s body is designed to give birth. Then, we’ll move onto nutrition, exercise, and relaxation through discussion and practice!

Class 2 – Stages of Labor
This class explores how a woman’s body works in the three stages of labor. We will also learn about contractions and the benefits of different laboring positions.

Class 3 – Informed Decisions
We will cover a variety of procedures related to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum and learn how to apply the process of making informed decisions. This will enable a family, along with their caregivers, to evaluate “a situation” and determine whether it is necessary to intervene and how to respond to the interventions that become necessary.

Class 4 – Comfort Measures and Techniques
This class is dedicated to learning, as well as practicing, a variety of comfort measures for partners to support the laboring mother. We will also have a labor rehearsal to practice these techniques.

Class 5 – Preparing for Your New Family
The last class of our five-week series focuses on what happens after the baby arrives. Our final topics will be: postpartum for mothers, meeting the newborn, and an introduction to breastfeeding.