Course Content

“Knitting”, by Lois Keller

These classes are designed to provide evidence-based information, support, and resources for pregnant people and their families as they prepare for childbirth. I hope that you’ll join us…wear comfy clothes, bring any snacks to keep you going, and get ready for some fun! These concepts will be covered in the Childbirth Preparation Class.

Getting to Know Your Birth
By exploring Anatomy, Nutrition, Exercise, and Emotional Health, we’ll connect how these areas of care are foundational to supporting pregnancy and preparing for labor.

Stages of Labor
Birth is teamwork and we’ll explore the cooperative interplay between the baby, birthing person, and all supportive people. We’ll also take a look at their roles in relation to the possible signs of labor, signs when labor commits itself, contractions, and the stages of labor.

Comfort Measures and Techniques
Now that we know how labor can unfold, let’s explore the possibilities of how to work with it. Discussion and practice includes comfort measures, relaxation techniques, and birthing positions. Get ready for some hands-on practice!

Informed Decisions
Topics will cover medical pain relief options, a variety of medical procedures, and learning how to use your B.R.A.I.N. to make informed decisions. To accomplish this, we will create some pretend scenarios to consider when procedures might be medically necessary. This also works well as an overall review for the process of labor.

Preparing for Your New Family
Our final topic will be what to expect in the postpartum time. Awareness of physical and emotional health is covered as well as how to consider planning ahead to help with this upcoming transition.