“Onesie”, by Lois Keller

Here are some comments that “graduated” students have made regarding their personal experiences with Deanne’s classes.

“Deanne was an absolute joy. Her insightful knowledge and experience empowered us with our first birthing. Throughout the process, we were full of anxiety and had lots of questions. She kept us informed every step of the way. She was a real inspiration to us both! She is knowledgeable, patient and a great listener. We would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn from her genuine enthusiasm and caring approach.”
~Chojnowski Family, Pembroke, MA

“Anu and I were extremely satisfied with the childbirth course that we recently took before Roshan came. The course content was very informative and complete. I have already recommended the course many times to friends and family who are expecting. Even though the course is well thought out, the best part of the class was Deanne. Her dedication and professionalism prepared us well for what was ahead. Thanks Deanne.”
~Truax Family, Cambridge, MA

“I have had the privilege of knowing Deanne for over seven years, both as a teacher and as a colleague. I first met her when I audited her Bradley® course as part of my doula certification process, and then provided breastfeeding education for her classes once I became an IBCLC (board certified lactation consultant). Deanne has a natural, vibrant teaching style, and an amazing ability to connect with her students. It’s obvious that birth is her passion, evidenced by the unique way she presents course material and uses teaching space to create an optimal learning environment. Having observed her classes from the perspective of a student, and numerous times as a guest speaker, I’m always impressed by how attentive Deanne is to the individual needs of her students, and her ability to choreograph each class session to meet those needs. Deanne empowers parents-to-be with information and insight – essential tools for anyone preparing to give birth.”
~Peggy Healy, LSW, IBCLC, RLC
The Art of Breastfeeding, Inc.

“Deanne was very accessible and easy to talk to. I felt I could call her anytime with questions, which my husband and I did frequently, even during labor!! Her classes were fun, educational and really took the fear of childbirth away from me as I began to understand the birthing process.”
~Lois Keller, Los Angeles, CA

“Deanne is just great. It makes a tremendous difference when your teacher is as enthusiastic as she is – it’s infectious! Even after a long day, we always came out of class excited and rejuvenated. Deanne knows her stuff so well and we always felt at ease with her explanation of all the factors concerning pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I will highly recommend her to anyone I know who becomes pregnant!!”
~Byrne Family, Chicago, IL

“We have REALLY enjoyed this class. I will recommend it to anyone who will listen! I feel very prepared for, and confident about labor. I think many women feel fears about giving birth, but I am just excited to have the experience and use all the techniques that we’ve learned in class and see what works for us. This has been a wonderful experience, well worth the investment of money and time.”
~Bordelon Family, Chicago, IL