Know Deanne

Deciding to become a childbirth educator was a natural process for Deanne Falzone. With ten years of early childhood teaching experience and a graduate degree in education, Deanne’s passion for teaching meshed with her passion for childbirth after her first daughter was born.

This led Deanne to become an affiliated childbirth educator with the Bradley Method, holding her first series of childbirth classes in 2002. After teaching the Bradley Method for nine years, Deanne transferred her professional teaching certification to the International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA).

The ICEA has been advocating for birthing families since 1950 with its roots tracing back to the early 20th century and natural birthing pioneer Grantly Dick-Read. The ICEA is a professional organization that supports educators and health care professionals who believe in the freedom to make decisions based on the knowledge of alternatives in family- centered maternity and newborn care. This mission statement reflects Deanne’s own philosophy of childbirth education, echoed in the title of her website, Know Your Birth. Deanne’s classes are currently hosted at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle.

With three children of her own, Deanne has personal experience birthing with certified nurse-midwives and doctors in both hospital and home settings. With experience, passion, and enthusiasm, she has dedicated herself to partnering with expecting parents to prepare them for the birthing process and explore the many options that are available.